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Being KidFirst starts with stories.

Come listen to stories of regular people being KidFirst coaches, parents, and officials. 

Listen & subcribe on your favorite platform

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KFS Coach Training (18)_edited.png
KFS Coach Training (18)_edited.png
Join the movement!

Let's go!!

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Kids need youth sports now more than ever.

But NOT how it's always been done, where

wins matter most and egos get in the way

KidFirst Sports invites every adult involved with youth sports - coaches, parents, volunteers - to put the Kids First. Yes, even before winning.

What do you want your players to tell their kids about YOU in 20 years?

KidFirst Sports is a movement to change the world by making youth sports an extraordinary LIFE experience. 

Girls Soccer Team with Coach

Let's talk about becoming KidFirst

Be KidFirst!

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